The SupportHelp privacy policy aims to explain how our organization collects, uses, and divulges the information we receive when providing support services to our clients. All the information collected and utilized by SupportHelp is done so in accordance with the company’s Terms of Use. Any information that you may give to the company, including information submitted by e-mail, phone chat, through our website or to one of our technicians, may be used by SupportHelp, as long as it is used in a way that is complaint with this agreement.

Information Collection

As a provider of customer support services for web-based tools, software, and hardware, SupportHelp will use various tools to enable us to help our users faster and more efficiently. Some of these tools will involve programs that are designed to access and take control of a customer’s computer or network from a Onsite location, with their permission. For us to achieve this goal, there are certain pieces of information that we will need to acquire from our users.

Information that SupportHelp Collects

The information that SupportHelp collects directly from the user includes:

1. Personal Information

When SupportHelp is assisting you with a particular problem, we may need information that identifies you and allows us to contact you for any follow up questions. This is your personal information, and it is usually needed if you are going to use any of our services and is usually gathered when you register on our website. It includes contact information such as First and Last name, E-mail and postal addresses, a personal identifier (such as a password) etc. This information is typically used to contact you when any news on the products and/or services you have requested becomes available. It may also include re-registration or renewal notifications, notifications for special offers, and surveys that we send periodically to help us enhance our services.

2. Payment Information

Payment information is also collected when you register for our services, and usually includes credit card information, though other information may be required occasionally. SupportHelp like many other online organizations may use Other-party organizations to process any payments, and to help process, identify and verify the credit cards on our behalf. All payment information that SupportHelp receives is used to complete user transactions.

3. Computer Information

Sometimes in an effort to provide you with the highest quality service, we will ask for information pertaining to your computer or device. This information may include, but is not restricted to:

  • Date of purchase of your device/computer
  • Type of Device/Computer
  • Computer/Device ID Number
  • Make and Model of Computer, Device, or other hardware
  • List of software installed on the computer or device
  • Peripherals connected to the device
  • Physical condition of the computer
  • Registry and system data on the software installed on the computer, error tracking files, and hardware configurations

Most of this data is needed to further customize the support you receive, though it may also be utilized to upgrade our tools and systems to further enhance your experience.

4. Onsite Access

There are times during our diagnosis and maintenance process that you may ask us to have our technicians access and take control of your machine Onsite. The software that our technicians use that allow us to access your machine over the internet enables our staff to find and fix any problems you may have on your system without us having to send a technician to you.

However, to use this information, we will need your consent, and we will need you to remain with your computer as we access it. All our technicians have been trained to be as professional as possible, that means that once they access your system, you can be sure that they will not access any sensitive or private information on your computer or network. They will also avoid purposefully deleting any information of your computer or network. SupportHelp has a very strict internal policies and controls in place that dictate how and when Onsite access tools are used to help you.

5. Surveys

Every once in a while SupportHelp will send customers surveys in an effort to collect additional information. These surveys are completely voluntary, and users are not under any obligation to participate or complete them. The data that is requested is usually used to monitor or improve our services, and may include personal information such as your zip code or shipping address.

6. Contests

Contests and other promotions may be offered by SupportHelp throughout the year. These contests shall be administered by different rules, however, any personal information collected during these promotions will be utilized as stated at the time of the promotion.

7. Children

In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, SupportHelp does not collect or keep any information to users that we know are under the age of 13. Our products and services are not meant to be used by anyone under the age of 13, and we therefore do not sell any products to any users that we know to be below that age.

8. Updating or Modifying Personal Information

Should a user like to correct, update or modify their personal information, or if the user would, for whatever reason, like to terminate our services, then the user may correct, update or delete all personal information provided to us by following the instructions on our website.

9. Help Session Records

SupportHelp will regularly monitor and record online and offline sessions between our technicians and our users, usually to help with quality control or other service-related objectives. Some of this information may be used to help us improve our services, build a knowledge base or carry out internal market research. It is important to note that no personal information is tied to the recorded data.

1. Diagnostic Tools

SupportHelp uses various diagnostic tools to enable us to analyse and correct your system. These tools may collect information from your computer and applications to provide our technicians with a better picture of your system. The information is passed on to our staff via the internet, and is used to help solve any problems that may have arisen on your system.

The information that is collected may include information such as: websites visited, e-mail messages and addresses, passwords, and profiles. The data that is collected may be subject to the Terms and Conditions of software license agreements.

2. Cookies

Cookies may be used by our technicians to help provide you with a more personal experience on our website. Cookies are small packets of information that are stored by your browser on your hard drive or your device. These cookies are used by various companies, including ours, to track your preferences and improve the interaction between you and the company. If you would not like cookies on your system, you can usually change the browser settings to ensure that the browser stops accepting cookies. However, as each browser is different, you will need to check your browser’s help menu to verify your actions. Alternatively, you could call SupportHelp and have one of our world class technicians help you turn them off.

3. Log Files

IP addresses are used to analyse trends, manage our website, track user activities, and gather demographic information on our users. SupportHelp gathers all this information so that we can tailor your experience, ensuring that you have the best customer experience when you visit our website.

4. Supplementation of Information

To protect ourselves from any wrongdoing, SupportHelp may seek to gain some additional information on our users. This information will usually be gleaned from others, and may include credit card reports (acquired using your name).


Information is key, therefore the protection of information is paramount. SupportHelp uses a range of different technologies, including physical, managerial and administrative safeguards, to ensure that all information that is collected from our users is as secure as possible from unauthorized access. Despite the fact that no guarantees can be given in regards to unauthorized data transmissions or the physical transfer, we strive to ensure that we have done all that we can to secure your information. However, as no guarantees can be made on the security of your data, it is important to note that all data that is transmitted to us by you is done so at your own risk.

International Users

SupportHelp is a global company, and for this reason the information that we gather will be available to our global offices. If you are in the UK and register with SupportHelp, you need to understand that your information will be transferred out of the European Economic Area, and that the information may be used by us or our subsidiaries. By using our products or services, and/or providing us with personal information, it is assumed that you consent to the transfer and processing of your data.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any and all changes made to the Privacy Policy are made at our discretion. To ensure that you stay up to date with any policy changes, it is important that you check our website intermittently. Any changes that seem less restrictive or protective of your data than the privacy policy that is in place at the time shall be communicated to you before the changes are implemented.