SupportHelp staff love to hear from our customers, and we do everything we can to ensure that we find a solution to any problem you may face. However, should you still feel that your products and services are not up to standard and that you would like a refund, you first need to understand our refund policy.

It is assumed that by the time you have purchased a subscription to our services that you are aware of the characteristics and functions of the service, as they should have already been described in the EULA, information, and description of the service on both our website and this agreement.

Refunds are only available to those who have issues that relate directly to the services that we provide. If there is any proof of issues with our service, for instance, screenshots, or error messages that show that our technicians were not able to resolve the issue then you (the customer) have a right to receive a refund. However, refunds are not applicable when it comes to computer problems that have nothing to do with our service

If our service has become the reason why your device has begun to malfunction, and there is proof to show the fact, we may consider refunding you for the damage that was done by our technicians. Once we have received a request for a refund thanks to technical infractions, our staff will require 1 to 3 business days to give you an initial response. Once you have received a response, they will then need 1 to 10 days to collect all the evidence that is required for them to give a qualified response.

The terms and conditions of each refund will vary, and will depend on the type of subscription that you purchased:

  1. Those with a 1(one) or 2(two) year subscription are eligible fora partial refund in agreement with the “unused part of a purchased subscription license” refund policy
  2. Those with a 1(one) month subscription are also eligible for a partial refund in agreement with the “unused part of a purchased subscription licence” refund policy
  3. Those with a 1(one) time fixed subscription are entitled to a full refund in agreement with the refund policy set forth below
  4. Definitions.
    The “unused part of a purchased subscription license” is the amount of time counted from the moment you asked for a refund to the expiration date of your subscription. If a subscription is 1(one) month long, the “unused part of a purchased subscription license” only applies if you have been using the service for more than 14(fourteen) days. If you have been using the service for less than 14(fourteen) days, then you are entitled to a full refund. If you are on the 1(one) or 2(two) year subscription, the “unused part of a purchased subscription license” the same terms as the 1(one) month subscription apply. Please note that if you make a request in the first 14 (fourteen) days of the month, you will be granted with a partial refund that INCLUDES the month in which you requested the refund. However, if the claim is made AFTER the first 14 (fourteen) days, of the month, then you shall be granted with a partial refund EXCLUDING the month in which you requested the refund.
  5. The calculation for the amount of money owed to you after you have made a refund request is calculated by our Onsite Assistance Department, and is based on an algorithm that can be simplified by our staff.

Before a refund is requested, the user must first notify our Onsite Assistance department of the issues that they have faced with the services rendered to them. Refunds are only awarded to those who contact our agents AND send them a written request form via email. The email address to be used will be given by our staff, who are obliged to try everything they can to fix the problem. Only once they have been defeated shall the refund be awarded. SupportHelp does not take any responsibility for any actions taken by unauthorised third parties or by the consumer themselves.

Once the refund request has been presented to the Onsite Assistance staff, it will be evaluated and processed, unless the refund cannot be given due to a violation of the terms and conditions mentioned above. Should this be the case, the company shall communicate with the user via email or phone as soon as possible.

Our Onsite assistance staff provide you with all the support (via phone or email) that you need to fix virtually any problem on your computer. For this reason, if you do not contact a Onsite assistance staff member a refund cannot be given. Once you have received your refund, it is illegal to continue to use the service.

Refunds are usually processed in 1 to 3 weeks, which is usually the time it takes for a major commercial bank to process the payment. Should you be charged twice thanks to uncontrollable conditions, and it is confirmed that it indeed is not your fault,SupportHelp is obligated to pay you upon your request. However, it should be noted that any processing fees incurred are non-refundable.

Customers are not allowed to request refunds for additional support services that:

  • Were fully used but claimed to be substandard
  • Were partially used
  • Remained unused