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  • Personal 1040
  • Corporate 1120, 1120S, 1065
  • Tax Strategy
  • Tax Planning
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  • Quickens & QuickBooks Advisor
  • Payroll & Payroll Taxes
  • 401k & Retirement Planning
  • Bookkeeping, Sales Tax Reports
  • WC, G/L, Audits
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Business Consulting

  • Business Financing
  • Business Startup
  • Buy/Sell Analysis
  • Tax Structure
  • Incorporation & Tax ID Numbers
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Life is like accounting, everything must be balance.



Bookkeeping is the common type for start-up businesses. It keeps everything in place, records the daily tasks that includes expenses, papers, and files.

Chartered Accounting

Accountants under this category have their specialized field and are a part of the professional accounting group skilled in a number of accounting range.

Tax Accounting

It’s a type for tax income returns specializations. They are the best ones to ask help if you’re paying unnecessary taxes.

Financial Controller Services

This service is known to be the head of accounting departments. They give out work for employees, hiring, and both external and internal.

Forensic Accounting

We specialize to find out tax discrepancies, or any possible tax evasion or fraud in the financial records by identifying the missing slots in details.

Accounting Audit

They are responsible for tracking down receipts, financial records, and statements to assure the information validity. They can track business status.

Public Accounting

This accounting varies in different area such as management accounting, financial analysis, and others. It carries the label of “assurance services”.

Management Accounting

They have access to company’s financial data, business’s assets, and they manage them properly. They can even budget the company’s allowance.

Governmental Accounting

They are used for government agencies to make sure that the revenues and expenditures are being legally perceived by the people in the company.

Internal Audit

Internal Auditing accountants look into the company’s practices to make sure everything legal is followed. They also lookout for fraud, or anything illegal.

Payroll Services

We specialized in managing payroll preparation and legal compliance on behalf of the company. And manage all payroll requirements.

Annual Accounts and Tax Returns

Full or abbreviated statutory account and Annual Return is prepared and submit it to company, updating them on their company’s officer and ownership details.

We have a unique team of highly-skilled experts specializing in business valuation, forensic accounting, lost profits analysis & more.

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