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How We Deliver


Home OnSite Support

Getting access to the support from Supporthelp is simple. All you need is to call our Support experts. Our three step process ensures that you experience the best convenience. We help you fix your computer or device in the comfort of your home. Our step by step process with a professional technician can talk you through any issue. The best part of our support services are that you can access them at office or home, every day of the week.


Advance Security Settings

When you want to manipulate the settings of your computer, you can easily do so with Supporthelp. This will offer you maximum protection when you are online, so that you do not fall subject to threats. Our expert technicians will easily help you configure your security settings, and if you need to, install your antivirus software. All this at your convenience and preferred timing.


Improved Performance

Our highly creative Expert connection technology ensures that you can get expert help at all times.Having this access means that your system will operate at maximum efficiency.We deliver solutions for all computer related devices which will result in improved performance. We can solve a range of problems to improve performance including Upgrading Windows Systems, Errors and Blue Screens, WiFi setup, Printer setup, Network setup and more.

How Its Works




You do not need a tech expert in the flesh to resolve your issues. We can do better – conveniently offering you support services from the comfort of your home. Connect to us now for the ultimate experience in convenience.




Total Solutions

Wondering why your screen is blinking? We will have an answer for you. Our tech support team are experts in their field. They are yet to find an issue that they cannot identify. Knowing the problem is not enough. We also know all the solutions!


Fix Problems

When you need a fix for a problem, you do not need to be bothered with the how, the why, the when or the what. We offer you a solution, full stop. We are able to sort out issues. Sort out your digital camera, PC, wireless network, iPad or anything technical that has you perplexed.

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What Devices We Support.

  • Desktop, Laptop, Ultralaptop, Chromebook
  • iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, MacBook Air
  • iPad, iPad Mini
  • iPhone
  • Android Tablet
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Tablet
  • Digital Cámara
  • Printer, Scaner, Copiadora, Fax
  • Vídeo/audio recorder and storage devices
  • “I have never been disappointed by Supporthelp. In fact, you exceed my expectations every time. Excellent service.”

  • “My computer is three years old but feels like I just got it out the box. Thank you Supporthelp. You guys are awesome.”

  • “I am totally clueless about tech issues, but with Supporthelp, I never worry. The step by step support makes things super simple and I can fix my devices in minutes.”


Plans & Prices

All plans include 1 full year of technical support