Advanced Data File Troubleshooting to Correct Problem with Quicken for Windows

Advanced Data File Troubleshooting to Correct Problems With Quicken for Windows. If a user enters duplicate transactions(sale/purchase goods)  are usually caused by overlapping the date range. When importing transactions from the new connection account process. To find depending on the multiple numbers of duplicate transactions import, then the best solution may be restored from a restore file created earlier in the conversion process to resolve Quicken problem.

A user’s transactions cannot accept to register, therefore the user can be delete transaction date by date prior to accepting. If your Quicken transactions have already accepted to the register, then you can delete one by one transaction or all transactions can be deleted at once. A user can restore from the backup file. You select the correct date range and import new file to restored backup file.

Quicken For Windows

A user remembers always make a back up before performing a complex program or software. Quicken data file troubleshooting to resolve the problem for windows. There are some steps follow Quicken for windows. These are the following:

  • Go to File> File Operations > Copy.
  • After then Copy the complete, select Open New Copy.
  • In the New Copy , choose File => File Operations => Validate & Repair => Validate
  • If you have any problem occur then select Rebuild Lots during this procedure.
  • After the validation process is finished, appear Data_Log  file in a Notepad window you can see. Its file is summary of results validation. Now review the Data_Log.txt file for messages pertaining to the quality of user’s data and resolve your problem with instruction follow.
  • If a user receives the message “Damaged Data log file” after complete validation, this file does not repairable. Quicken recommend restoring a backup from prior to the start date to be listed on the message.
  • A user need test your regular program(software) to see the issue a user were encountering is now resolved Quicken problem.

How to Fix it

  • To perform transaction validate on the Quicken data file.
  • Copy Quicken data file and put on local drive where Quicken software is installed.
  • Install Quicken software latest releases.
  • Remove any special characters from Quicken data file name.
  • Re-activate your Anti-virus or firewall.
  • Reinstall Quicken software.


If a user wants to view your investments, understand how Quicken well they are performing. As we know that our expert always analysis for add new features to resolve a customer problem. If you have any fixed problem with Quicken then direct contact our expert team 24×7 hours available. In fact, this software has many unique features, easily modify and update.

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