7 Steps to Pay Bill Online or Through Quicken Bill Pay

Quicken Bill Pay is an online bill pay benefit that works with Quicken individual back programming. You don’t need Quicken install on your PC to utilize the Quicken Bill Pay benefit, however. You can get the extra specifically by signing into the Quicken Bill Pay site. Revive Bill Pay was created by Intuit, a similar organization that runs PayTrust online bill pay benefit.

The Quicken Bill Pay Service has a few valuable focuses:

Email notices get sent to you when bills arrive. Installments made online at the Quicken Bill Pay website get naturally moved into Quicken work area programming. Set up rehashing installments for charges that differ from month-to-month and settled month to month sums.

View full points of interest for each bill :

  • Pay bills from Quicken Software or specifically from the Quicken Bill Pay site.
  • Pay from up to 10 accounts at different banks.
  • On-time installment ensure: late expenses paid up to $150 if a bill is paid late.

Utilizing the Bill Pay Service

Quicken Bill Pay has a straightforward setup process, and bills can be paid utilizing any U.S. financial records. The site stores payee subtle elements, for example, account numbers and other data for you, so you simply need to enter sums and timetable the installments.

You can pay instantly and whenever, or set installments for future dates to enable you to stay away from missed or late installments. You can likewise set your repeating installments to be paid every month consequently.

Setting Up Quicken Bill Pay Online

Assemble your financial records data for the installment account you intend to utilize and have your government-managed savings number prepared before you start. Visit the Quicken Bill Pay site and Click the Start Now catch. Finish the enlistment frame, and you’ll be prepared to set up your records.

Setting Up Bill Pay in Quicken

In the event that you utilize Quicken programming, you can undoubtedly set up Quicken Bill Pay by following these means:

  • Snap Tools in the menu.
  • Snap Quicken Bill Pay.
Learn about Quicken Bill Pay. Including Your List of Payees :

A payee in Quicken Bill Pay implies any organization, administration or individual you’ll be paying through the administration. A payee can be a utility, a bank for your home loan advance, or it could be your landowner, for instance.

7 Steps to Pay Bill Online or Through Quicken Bill Pay

When setting up payees, you will give essential data about the individual or the business you’ll be paying, for example, installment address and record number. Revive spares this data in your payee list so you can make installments to that payee again, later on, so you just need to enter this data once.

  • Set up payees by following these means:
  • Press Tools in the menu and select Online Payee List.
  • Press New.
  • Fill the name of the new payee.
  • Fill the address of the new payee.
  • Enter the record number for the payee.
  • Enter the telephone number for the payee.
  • Press OK.

The site will add your new payee to your Payee List so you can without much of a stretch send installments to them online later on.

Manage Bill Pay in Quicken

Oversee online bills in Quicken is a simple errand to do.

Take after these means:

  • You can include your bill in enroll by clicking “Enter” catch by Bills – > Online Bills tab.
  • In the event that you would prefer not to include enroll, you can avoid this progression by clicking “Skip” catch.
  • To Check your most recent bills, Click “Revive All” catch best of Online Bills Tab.
  • On the off chance that you need to get most recent bills specifically from biller’s site. Snap a symbol (outfit catch) beside bill’s name and select “Invigorate from Biller”
  • In the event that you need to check the history of any bill. Snap a symbol (outfit catch) alongside bill’s name and select “See history”.

In the article that you mistakenly connected a biller to an update, you can tap on ‘Unlink from biller’.


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