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Quicken Phone Help.

Quicken is a personalized tool designed to help its users manage their personal finances in an efficient manner. It was launched by Intuit Inc in the year 1983 and has since progressed leaps and bounds to become the leading personal finance management tool in the USA and Canada. Since the year 2016, Quicken is supported by Quicken Inc.

Different versions of Quicken are available such as Quicken for Windows and Quicken for Mac.It has been touted as the best software for individual money management. Some of the most popular Quicken versions are: –

  • Quicken Home and Business: – this version includes all premium features including invoicing and rental tools essential for business management. It is suitable for users with rental income and helps keep all accounting requirements under one roof.


  • Quicken Premier: –This version offers advanced features such as Bill Payment, Priority Customer Support,and investment portfolio analysis. It is useful for users who are looking for advanced investment assistance.


  • Quicken Deluxe: – This version offers access to some budgeting and basic investment tools. It is meant for those users whose sole aim is catering to their budgeting requirements and some basic information regarding investments.


  • Quicken Starter: – This is the basic version of Quicken and offers access to some basic budgeting tools only.


You can also download Quicken free trial or demo version which will help you in ascertaining the suitability of the software for you.

Problems faces with Quicken

Like with every software, there is a long list of issues that users face with Quicken. Although the company launches regular updates and version upgrades to handle various issues being faced, from time to time some new issues coming up. Some of the major issues that are faced by Quicken users are: –


  • Poor Customer Service
  • Issues with Installation
  • The software is not working
  • Synchronization Issues with some financial institutions
  • Updating data for newer version
  • Errors faced during download of transactions
  • Intuit support for Quicken has been discontinued since 2016
  • As Intuit Quicken are no longer associated, its future is uncertain.
  • Loss of Information or files
  • Issues with Database connectivity
  • Users need to purchase the mobile app separately and then synchronize it with their desktop installations.
  • Problems with updating Quicken version
  • Assistance with Password Recovery
  • Integration issues with Microsoft .NET
  • Errors in reconciliation statements
  • Issues with data backup and recovery
  • Issues with automatic updates, Quicken download and Installation
  • Crashing and freezing of the software
  • No Cloud Support
  • Issues with Login
  • Usual Technical Issues

Why You Need Quicken Help over the Phone?

The customer service for Quicken has always been a bit abysmal with a lot has been left wanting on behalf of the company. The customer support help desk for Quicken is highly unresponsive and sometimes can keep you on hold for hours without actually solving your problems.


But if your software is not working properly, then you do need help with your Quicken desktop. But solving these issues is not for everyone. You require expert help in such situations. An expert can help you in the following ways: –


  • Understand your problem: – An expert is able to listen to your problem and understand the issues being faced by you. Then based on his/her experience, they can suggest the various course of actions that can be taken by you.


  • Explain the Alternatives: – A true expert will never keep you in the dark. He/she will explain all the possible alternatives for your problem, their implications,and ramifications so that you can make an informed decision.


  • Help you execute the solution: – An expert will not only explain the various alternatives available to you but will also help you execute the solution through our quicken support phone number or remote assistance. This way you will be sure regarding what you are doing and would not face any issues while executing the solution.


There are many professional Quicken support providers in the market who can help you resolve your problems, but the problem lies in fact as to how you can trust them.

This is where we, SupportHelp come into the picture.

  1. Customer Support Phone No.: –

    Quicken is virtually a lifeline for its users, who are dependent on it for their varied financial management needs. Whenever there is an issue with your version of Quicken, it is enough to cause huge mental distress to you. But who could you ask for help in such a situation when the customer care helpdesk of Quicken is no good and would rather make you go around and round without any concrete solution. This is where the true role of technology comes into play. Gone are the days when you had to run from pillar to post to find solution for even basic questions. Our Quicken support number 1-866-292-4631 is your one-stop solution for all the issues being faced with Quicken. Just give us a call and rest assured that all your issue will be resolved instantly.


Whatever issues you are facing with your desktop version of Quicken, you will find its solution with us. No matter the time of day or the place you are in, our customer support service is accessible to you round the clock. We have ensured that our customer service technicians are available round the clock so that whenever you call on our Quicken helpline number 1-866-292-4631, you receive the speediest resolution to your problem. Just call our team on this number whenever you are facing any issue and watch your problem being solved right in front of your eyes while sitting comfortably in your chair. This is what we call the true power of technology, where without ever meeting, we are able to solve your problem in a jiffy. Our Quicken customer support phone number is the fastest way for you to get rid of all your issues related to Quicken.

All our technicians are fully trained in all modules of Quicken and in fact, use the software for a few hours daily to keep a tab on the latest developments as well as the issues being faced by the users. This unique approach of ours ensures that whenever you call our customer care number while you are facing some issues with your Quicken software, all your questions and problems are answered in a jiffy.

When you call our customer care number, you will be instantly connected to a knowledgeable technician, who will first listen to your problem and understand the issues that are being faced by you. When you are able to convey all your concerns to our technicians, they will then suggest you the various remedies available and will help you select the best possible solution for your problem.

You just need a good telephone signal for availing this service. You need to be sitting in front of your computer when you call on our number. Then our technician will guide you through each step so that you do not face any issues while executing them. This way if you face any issues midway, you can let our team member,and they will resolve it instantly. Once your problem has been resolved, you just let our technician know. Some small thanks from your side really boost our morale big time and motivate us to work even harder.

The modern age is not about working hard but rather working smart. We have been serving thousands of clients of Quicken Canada and Quicken USA since last many years and have never had any complaints from them. Rather every year we get new clients through the reference to our satisfied existing clients. Our team members believe in offering only the best quality services and to ensure stability in quality while serving our clients; we regularly conduct training and development programs for our team members also. This way you are always guaranteed to get only the best possible services with us.

Customer satisfaction is our motto,and we leave no stone upturned to ensure that each client of ours is satisfied with our services. If you have any issues regarding any of our services or team members, please let us know. We will take the necessary remedial measures immediately. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and never compromise on it. All our clients are equally important to us; whether you are a small business owner or an individual user, we have trained our team members to handle your problems with the same level of professionalism. When you are associated with us, you deserve only the best and nothing else.

Our modern call management system ensures that no call is missed, and the incidents of call drop are also minimized. We understand that when you are calling for our assistance, it is under extreme stress and tension only, as your version of Quicken might not be working correctly. That’s why we make sure that, if under any circumstances we are unable to answer your call, then do not worry. You can expect an instant call back from our side within a matter of minutes. We believe that our customers are the cornerstone of our success and we will go the extra length to ensure your satisfaction.

We are sure that no other Quicken support provider can match the level of services offered by us. Our technicians are adept at handling all sorts of queries, whether technical or non-technical. If you want any sort of help with the program, feel free to call our Quicken customer support number at any time of the day that you want. You need not think over it and waste valuable time, the number is toll-free, so just pick up your phone and call us immediately for speedy resolution of any sorts of query that you may have.

We do not make any false promises and believe in walking the talk, that’s why our customers have been associated with us for many years. Let us give you a brief outlook of the procedure that goes on when you call us: –

  • Understand the issue that you are facing with Quicken and note it down with the relevant error code and message.
  • Turn on your system and keep the Quicken software open.
  • Now call on our toll-free number 1-866-292-4631.
  • When our technician answers the call, explain the issue you are facing along with the relevant error message and error code.
  • Now understand clearly the various options being explained by them and choose the best option in consultation with them.
  • Now follow the instructions being given by them verbatim and keep them updated about the on-screen prompts.
  • If you are facing any issues while executing the solution, do let our technician know.
  • Now when your issue is resolved completely, just let them know that the problem has been resolved.
  • Well no need to mention, a small token of appreciation for them would really boost up our technician’s morale.
  1. Support for all versions of Quicken: –

    We understand that various clients are using a different version of Quicken. So, we keep our knowledge base updated with each and every Quicken update, so that when the time comes to help you, we are fully prepared. Not only this, but we also help out our clients with previous versions of Quicken also and also help with up gradation to a newer version.


For other more expert consulting services you can contact our 24*7 Quicken support team.

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