What’s New in Quicken 2016

Quicken is an accounting software developed by Quicken Inc. which is formerly part of Intuit Inc. There are several version of Quicken which works on a different platform – Windows and Macintosh. Some other versions are: Quicken Starter, Quicken Rental Property, Premier, Deluxe, Manager, Home & Business and Quicken for Mac. If you ever face any trouble in any of these products, you can ask for help from our support team.

Quicken 2016 is the upgrade to one of the few features to the money-tracking software. The interface hasn’t been upgraded to speak of. But while the product looks the same. The major market-domain of Quicken accounting software is in North America. Most of the software is sold especially in the United States and Canadian market.

Quicken 2016

Quicken Editions

Starter edition

The Starter edition is suitable for the new user who doesn’t need to import the quicken files  which already store somewhere in your system.

Deluxe version

The Deluxe version is the most popular or standard version of quicken accounting software. It suitable for most of investors and individuals because it having the less subscription amount as compared with starter edition when you purchased it for 1 year and the you can easily customized your budget. It also create saving goals and manage and track your debt.

Premier version

The Premier version is the above version of deluxe version and you can do all  the task in the premier version which were you do in the deluxe version. Additionally, you can maximize your investments, can do free online bill payments and can easily simply your taxes including priority access for customer support.

What’s New in Quicken 2016

Quicken Bill Pay

By paying the sum of $9.95 a month, it’s now a bit easier to pay bills online with Quicken and the add-on Quicken Bill Pay service.Quicken bill pay sends payments to anyone by using quicken software.The Quicken online bill payment service can use funds from different accounts to pay your bills but you have to select the particular account for the bill payment because it support  up to 10 different account for the funds, and it can also transfer funds from one accounts to another.

Easier upgrade from Windows to Mac

I’m not sure why this is listed as a Windows app feature, but apparently the Mac version can now understand a Windows Quicken file better. And you can easily upgrade from windows to mac you quicken file.

Increased online bank downloads and transaction

This is the new key features of quicken 2016 in which some bugs had have already been fixed and if you want to use this key feature you will have to pay for.

Free phone support

Yes, now we are talking free phone and chat support. Quicken provide the free phone support for their native user’s. Before quicken 2016 version this feature was not exist and the major marketplace of quicken in north america so that’s why it begin important to provide desired facilities for their native user.

New improvements to Quicken 2016

  • See, track, and pay your bills all in one place
  • Bill Reminder
  • Projected Balances
  • Budgets
  • Financial Planning
  • Mortgage & debt calculators
  • Free phone support
  • made it easier to upgrade
  • Make better decisions on the go
  • Easy to start
  • Linked transactions
  • Online account synchronization
  • Historical Investment Cost Basis
  • Consolidated stock data
  • Expense Categorization

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