How to Turn Off Sounds in Quicken 2016?

By Shelley, Elmblad Does the “cha-ching sound that comes from Quicken each time you enter an expense irritate you? You’re not alone. you may have tried to silence. The sounds by going into your computer’s control panel, but that probably won’t turn off sounds.

A Preliminary Caution

There are five steps described below obviously require you to open quicken first. New pc owners running an early 2016 version of Quicken for Windows, For an unlucky few who installed quicken 2106 for windows early in the year, the program won’t open .if   you run into this issue you have to do one thing. first, you have to need to first reinstall quicken,   then reinstall it.

These five steps to turning off the “Cha-ching’’ sound in quicken.

  1. Click on edit option on the taskbar at the top of Quicken.
  2. And then click on preferences.
  3. Click quicken program, and click on setup
  4. After that click, the box nest to turn on quicken sounds to remove the
  5. Checkmark.
  6. Click on ok.

way to turn off sounds in quicken

Disable the cha-ching- if you are using Quicken software for as long as (since version 2003) then you too must be annoyed at the “ cha-ching’’ sound each time a transaction is added .as far as I’m concerned there is no option box within quicken to change this rather annoying sound. I found a title that the setting for that specific sound and all other software sounds are managed under the control panels. Below I will demonstrate how to disable this sometimes annoying sound.

  1. Click on start and go to control panel
  2. The control panel window will open look for sounds and audio devices and click on it
  3. When the sounds devices properties box opens, click on the sounds tab.there is a list of all the programs that have sound options available, scroll down to the quicken section.
  4. Scroll down until you find record select record and in the sound drop down select none click ok to close out the dialog box.
  5. You can delight in the cha-ching when you are in the mood, and mute the register sounds when your mood in silence.

We trust you see every one of the means depicted keeping in mind the end goal to move Quicken information from old PC to new one. Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of any trouble, you can connect Quicken Support Help anytime 24*7

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