Quicken For Windows

Quicken is a money management software released in the year 1983 for personal finance management by Quicken Inc. It was released in both the variants Windows as well as Mac. Let’s skim about the Quicken for Windows and it’s various updates.

Quicken for Windows(2010 and newer)

The account data of Quicken Windows (2010 or newer version) will be converted to the 2018 version. Quicken for Windows including account data, transactions, categories, tags, scheduled transactions. As well as bill pay transactions, except Budgets and transaction attachments.

The 2018 version of Quicken for Windows lacks some features from earlier versions Quicken Windows. Therefore, some unsupported features related information will not be transferred. These unsupported features include loan amortization schedules, home Inventory and emergency records data, explicit lot assignments, securities watch list, address book, as well as lifetime planner. ESPP, as well as Incentive Stock options, are also transferred as a standard holding without any tax-related information such as strike price.

Your account data will be preserved if you have Quicken Windows Rental Property Manager. But you won’t receive any rental property-specific features such as tenant list. As well as rent center data. Your account data will be preserved if you have Quicken Windows Home and Business. But you won’t receive any business-specific invoicing data.Quicken 2018 for windows

As soon as the data is converted to the 2018 version of Quicken for Windows. It is required to re-establish transaction downloads for the connected accounts. For this, go to “Accounts > Setup transaction download” in the 2018 version of Quicken for Windows.

New & Improved Features of 2018 release for Windows

Some of the new improved, as well as updated features of 2018 release of Quicken for Windows, are mentioned here.

  • Access granted to more than 11,000 online billers, PDF bills can be downloaded
  • Expanded custom report layout options available as well as direct Excel export
  • Access the latest features without upgrading*
  • 5GB of secure online backup is also provided for the Quicken files along with the Dropbox
  • Investments transaction feature needs to be moved and archived (for Deluxe and above)
  • Richer performance analysis can be done with buy and hold comparison (for Premier and above)
  • Free Quicken Bill Pay as well as priority access to Quicken phone support* (for Premier and above)
  • Custom invoices are available with your logo, color, as well as payment links (for Home, Business & Rental Property)
  • E-mail rent reminders as well as receipts (for Home, Business & Rental Property)*
  • In Bills, stack view and calendar view can be experienced
  • From now onward, online bills will appear on Home tab calendar widget

For other more expert consulting services you can contact our 24*7 Quicken support team.

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