Online Banking Problems after Upgrading Quicken

In today’s digital world everything is going to be digital. We want that we do anything in one click, because of that, day to day every app is upgraded with new features.

Some time its happen that, we upgrade the version but it not working properly. So, here we are going to discuss the Error which shows after updating the latest version of Quicken and also discusses how to solve this problem.

Recently, if you have updated from 2015 to the latest Quicken and suffering from the Issue like:

Error Message: “Quicken is currently unable to verify financial institution information for download” after updating from Quicken 2015.

Maybe you find this issue because of branding and profile information in Quicken is not updated, virtually, still, Quicken is behaving like a 2015 product, an even new product you have installed.

This problem can be resolved by either waiting 24 hours or you can do a manual refresh. Because it takes 24 hours for the update of your profile information and branding.

Tips to solve the Online Banking Problems after Upgrading.

  1. Refresh Your Account information with the bank

online banking tips for QuickenTo refresh your account information follow the given steps

  • Open the Quicken and select the Tools menu then choose Online Center.
  • Click on Financial institution drop-down arrow and select your financial institution.
  • At the time of Contact Info selection hold Ctrl + Shift
  • Pick an account from Account drop down.
  • Select your Financial Institution Branding And Profile and click Refresh Button.
  • Now click OK and go online by clicking on Update/Send button.
  • Update your bank accounts again.

You have to do this for all your financial institutions.

Sometimes it happens that, online banking is not working properly after upgrading the latest version of Quicken. It happens because the changes in online services are working in a different version of Quicken.

If you have a problem in connecting, then you have to deactivate and then reactivate your account.

You can do this by following the given steps.

  • Go to Quicken> Tool > Account List.
  • Find your account > Edit.
  • Click on Online Services Tab.
  • Deactivate
  • Yes on confirmation prompt.
  • Repeat these steps in all your affected account.
  • After completion reopens your Quicken.
  • In the account, bar click on “+” Button.

Through this process, if you are adding a new account, follow the login credential and security answer UNTIL you reach the screen where Quicken displays the accounts discovered at the financial institute.

LINK each accounts to an appropriate account.


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We trust you see every one of the means depicted keeping in mind the end goal to move Quicken information from old PC to new one. Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of any trouble, you can connect Quicken Support Help anytime 24*7

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