Overview of Quicken 2014

For any individual or family, understanding the basics of their money can make a huge difference. Intuit Quicken, known to be No-1 rated personal money management software. It has helped people make sense of their dollars, for 30 years. People manage their money and build their financial know-how with the help of Quicken 2014 for Windows. Is this available from Intuit Inc.

New features which make Quicken 2014 the most complete solution for people. Who wants to take control of their money includes letting users snap pictures of receipts on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. This helps to easily keep track of the purchases. Whether they’re budgeting to pay their monthly bills, struggling to pay rent or saving for a new home.  Quicken 2014 by intuit

For those individuals and families, Quicken 2014 is more useful than ever, who are trying to maintain the financial foothold in an uncertain economy. According to a Quicken research, among all the American consumers:

  • Every One in three individual admits of losing their sleep over money woes.
  • 15 percent of them even avoid opening bills because they know they won’t be able to pay them.
  • 16 percent of the individuals rack up fees, such as late payment charges on credit card bills etc. One in four pays it late every month.

As it has been there for three decades.

Quicken help individuals gain a stronger financial footing, even if they are new to money management and trying to get ahead or planning for the future.

Sandy Ramos, a waitress and part-time student in Oceanside, CA expressed that “It was a battle to find enough money for paying bills, forget about saving”. “I started using Quicken last year and now I could figure out where my money was going. It was a huge leap to take control over my spendings. The path I’m on feels really good, now I check my balance on the phone anytime I want.”

New Features of Quicken 2014

The list of new features and product enhancements includes the ability to snap pictures of receipts, organize and store them in the cloud. Customers with Quicken 2014 mobile app can easily sync their receipts to any specific bank or credit card transaction across devices. This upgraded feature will eliminate paper clutter as well as helps users to keep records of their important purchases. It lets you track tax-deductible donations easily. The new feature helps customers to save warranty information as well as makes it easy to return purchases.

Other features helpful for customers are discussed below:

  • Make smart money decisions on-the-go: The free Quicken 2014 mobile app for all iOS as well as Android devices provide immediate access to checking, savings, and credit card account information, and enabling users to instantly see whether they’re within their budget,  anytime, anywhere. When it comes to data syncs between a user’s mobile device and their Quicken 2014 software, it can be done in seconds.
  • Manage bills easily: By adding as well as viewing bill reminders directly from the Quicken register, you can stay ahead of your bills. It is possible for users to track upcoming bills as well as projected balances. And it also determines where they stand with their money. Users can also pay bills using their register. Additional fees may apply for that.
  • Receive timely alerts and bill reminders:  Whether it’s Low balance, Over budget, or Unusual activity, there is nothing to worry. Quicken 2014 is there to proactively delivers nine types of email and a text alert is to help users will be updated with their finances. If required by users, they can also receive a weekly or monthly account summary.

To help users plan for today and tomorrow, Quicken 2014 continues to offer some more financial tools:

  • See all accounts in one place: Forget about multiple sites, spreadsheets, passwords as well as multiple statements. The user can have a glance at checking, savings, credit card, loan investment as well as retirement accounts. Current balances, as well as transactions, are can be downloaded automatically. And securely from the user’s bank.
  • Budget more accurately: Establish budgets for variable monthly or seasonal expenses such as entertainment, dining out, holiday shopping etc. Rollover-enabled budgeting feature allows users to move their left-over money to the next month.
  • Create savings goals: For tracking progress toward specific targets, “Your Savings Goal” page as well as debt reduction tool helps, in situations such as taking a vacation or building an emergency fund. All contributions made toward your goal is listed in an easy-to-read chart.

As stated by Barry Saik, senior vice president for Intuit Quicken, “Our ongoing commitment is reflected by Quicken 2014. It helps to people manage their money in the way that’s right for them.  You can access anytime, anywhere is provided by Quicken 2014. It is also ideal for people who want to be on top of their day-to-day finances such as paying off debt, balancing a budget or planning for education or retirement.”

We trust you see every one of the means depicted keeping in mind the end goal to move Quicken information from old PC to new one. Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of any trouble, you can connect Quicken Support Help anytime 24*7

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